Merging GoObjects

Sir i have two GraphLayouts(which contains GraphView Object) with some same and some different GoObjects,i want to merge the changes occured on second one to reflect on first one,actually second Layout is child of First One.

If there Is any method in GraphDocument for this purpose?

You have 2 separate GoDocuments, each with their own GoView?

actually sir i m using a single class graphview(GoView) and godoc(GoDocument) and under this i want to implement.

Well, I’m pretty sure that the answer to “If there Is any method in GraphDocument for this purpose?” is no, but I don’t understand your description of the issue. Maybe some screenshots would help…

Dear Jake,

what we are trying to do is
1. We have a large layout, if user wants to update some node or link at bottom of layout or at middle of layout, he has to scroll up/down, this is a time consuming job
2. So we have given the facility to create sublayout for any node
3. The sublayout of the selected node contains the selected node( as root) and it's childs in other window with new Goview and GoDoc
4. So at this point we have two layout: PerentLayout window and SubLayout window
5. Now we have made some changes(Node,Link) on subLayout
6. What we want now is to reflect subLayout changes on parentLayout
7. ParentLayout and SubLayout are two diffrent windows, they have their own GoView and GoDoc
8. The relation between ParentLayout and SubLayout is that: each object(Node,Link) has a common property ObjectId, that is an uniue int value.
i hope you are clear now?

Well, instead of using 2 GoViews and 2 GoDocuments, you could move the “sublayout” to it’s own layer in the main GoDocument, then open a view that only displays that layer.

Then, any editing that happens to either view updates the single underlying document.

Dear Jake,

if there is any sample regarding this issue.

and the ObjectBrowser sample included in the kit as well.