MidLabel position

I am looking for information on how to move the mid label of a labeled link to the center of the link. Not centered over the line, but between the from node and to node.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. This is an awesome piece of software, great job to Northwoods.

I suppose you have Orthogonal links. It’s only then that the default behavior of GoLabeledLink.LayoutMidLabel might not be good. Right now it positions the MidLabel object to be at the midpoint of the middle segment.
Maybe we should improve this some day.

I am just creating a new GoLabeledLink. Because of your reply I tried settings Orthogonal = false, but that had no affect. The MidLabel shows up about 10% relationally down the link stroke. I just want to push that down the link stroke farther. Where is there a sample that may show me this manipulation?

You can override GoLabeledLink.LayoutMidLabel to position the MidLabel where you want.

Thanks for your help walter, but the fix was in the way of creating the link.
If I used the GoView.CreateLink() method it was not putting the MidLabel at the middle of the stroke (as I would have thought it would)
If instead I create a new GoLabeledLink object set it up and then add it to the view, the label shows up where expected.
Thanks again.