Minimum length in links?

Hi, I’m having a link that has some properties displayed on it, but I would like to guarantee that the link has a minimum length so its contents can be readable. Is there any way of doing that? Pushing the other endpoint to make space is allowed.

And since the other node would be “pushed”, is there any way to make this node “repel” other nodes, so they won’t overlap (I think I saw a demo of that somewhere in the demos section…)?

What do you want the overall layout of your diagram to look like? You can probably use one of the automatic layouts and set some spacing properties to ensure your nodes will be far enough apart for your links.

I have no specific preference for layout, I mean, the user just places nodes in the diagram wherever they please, fill some details and relate some of them via links.

This sample: Automatically Shift Nodes Aside Righward to Make Room uses a custom ShiftingTool as the Diagram.layout to automatically shift nodes to the right whenever it detects an overlap of nodes, while maintaining their relative left-to-right locations.

That sample uses a minimum distance of zero, but you could adapt the code to have a minimum distance that seems appropriate for the size of the link labels that you have.

Thanks! Is there no way to automagically detect when a link description overlaps a node?

Sorry, but no. That’s more the responsibility of the layout, and none of the predefined Layouts do that.