missing GoWebImage.aspx or GoWebImage.axd


When my page is loaded, i’ve got this error : “missing …/Components/GoWebImage.aspx” but i don’t find where the problem’s from ???

Can you help me ??


Make sure the GoWebImage.aspx is the same as in all of our examples,

and that there is no GoWebImage.aspx.vb or GoWebImage.aspx.resx in your project. There should be no GoWebImage.* for your GoView-inheriting class.

The location of the image-generating page is given by the value of GoView.ImagePage. It can be a trivial ASPX page, or (with ASP.NET 2.0 and GoWeb 2.5+) it can be an AXD “page”.

If you do want to use GoWebImage.aspx, perhaps there is a permission issue with going up the directory hierarchy ("…"), so you could try placing the GoWebImage.aspx page in the same directory, instead of in a sibling directory.

hello jake and walter.

Thank you for your reply.

I have deleted GoWebImage.aspx.vb and GoWebImage.aspx.resx from my project and i have changed the aspx page with ASP.NET Page directive:

<%@ Page Inherits=“Northwoods.GoWeb.GoWebImage” %> but the problem is still here.

Are you an another idea ??


Did you make sure the simple GoWebImage.aspx page is in the same directory as the rest of your web app, and that the ImagePage attribute of your element is ImagePage=“GoWebImage.aspx” ?

Other problems are also covered in GoWebIntro.doc.

hello walter,

my web app pages is group by sub directory so is it necessary to put “GoWebImage.aspx” in the same directory ??

example : the two pages use Goview and the attribute ImagePage="…/Components/GoWebImage.aspx"



and the gowebimage.aspx in



It isn’t necessary to be in the same directory – it wasn’t clear to me that there might not have been a problem in your particular web app, though.

If you are using ASP.NET 2.0, I suggest you use GoWebImage.axd instead of the ASPX page anyway. GoWebIntro.doc describes how to use it.