?Missing GoWebImage.aspx page

I am in the process of updating to the newer version of GoDiagram. We are currently using 2.1. I have got the 2.5 version for ASP.NET 2003. The application works fine with the older dlls of GoWeb. When I switch to the newer version of the GoWeb and GoView Dlls I get this error message. ?missing page aspxpages/GoWebImage.aspx. The page is present in the directory. Any ideas?

If you look at the HTML page source (menu command View | Source) is the element referring to the SRC page correctly?

Yes it is
<img src="aspxpages/GoWebImage.aspx?GoView=IconicView&gp= 1 … >

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I have the exact same problem, upgrading from 2.1 to The diagram worked with the old version, but not with the new one.

The image links to the correct page which is indeed in place. To add to the complexity, I use the diagram on several pages and this problem only occur on one of them.

Any clues?

Lars Christian

Is GoView.EnableViewState true or false? Try setting it to true (or leaving it at the default value, which is true).
If the GoView is inside a UserControl or is a repeating control, just using the simple "name" of the control isn't sufficient to identify them (nested namespace) or distinguish them (multiple instances). By having EnableViewState true this causes the GoView to make sure there's a unique string for the value of GoView.MakeSessionViewID().
Just guessing....