Model as a separate property of bound object?


I would like to use an object for data binding of the diagram like this:
class MyViewModel
public GraphLinksModel<NodeViewModel, String, int, LinkViewModel> Graph
{ get; set; }
So, the actual model is just a property of the object being bound to the diagram control's data context. Can I somehow specify in XAML, that the diagram is supposed to look into the Graph property of the binding rather than use the binding directly ?

Diagram.Model is a dependency property, so it ought to work if you data-bind it to your MyViewModel.Graph property.

Although if you expect to modify the value of that Graph property dynamically, you might want to implement INotifyPropertyChanged.

Ah, okay, that's cool. That makes it easy to use with Caliburn, because my ViewModel can now inherit from a Caliburn class, whereas the Graph inherits from GraphLinksModel.
Thanks a lot,