Model IsModified While Loading Links

I have implemented a visual notifier to let the user know when their diagram has been modified and am running into a problem while loading diagrams with links.

After the InitialLayoutComplete event fires everything seems to have loaded and at that point I add an event handler to Diagram.Model.Changed to capture changes and update the notifier. At that point a call to UpdateRouteDataPoints in my PartManager is made from somewhere which then causes the Changed event handler to fire and making it appear as though the diagram has changed.

I have copied some code from the demos for loading, and am setting Diagram.PartManager.UpdatesRouteDataPoints to false before loading, and then setting it back to true after LoadLinkRoutes is run (which happens before InitialiLayoutComplete).

I overrode the OnChanged in MyModel to see what was happening, and the old value comes up as {CompoundEdit:DelayedRouting 1 edits} and the new value is null when this is happening.

Any suggestion as to what might be happening, and how I can avoid it?


What does the stack say?

I tried loading a diagram in several of the samples, and the value of Diagram.Model.IsModified was false afterwards.