Modification to Friend Wheel

I’m new to GoJS but I think it has a lot of potential in some of our research projects. What I’m trying to do it to create a diagram of the flow of emails to various people. Very similar to your friend wheel, but I need one name in the middle of the circle with the names of the people that they sent an email. Then another larger circle with the people that each one of the first circle sent the email. Each person that was contacted needs a line from the sender to the receiver with the ability to put text on the line to identify hoe many times they have had contact. I would also like the ability to hover over a name and see all of the connections for that person. Here is a link to something very similar

and I know what I’m asking is a lot but if I can get started in the right direction that would be great and it would help me learn your product. Also if the friend wheel is not the best solution then I’m open to any suggestions. Such as the concept map which maybe closer to what I need because it has very a defined structure with the links of from and to so if I could make it display in two overlapping circles or have more control over where the boxes display it also could be perfect.


We started working on a radial layout, but we haven’t had time to finish the work. Perhaps this is something we could work on next week.

Although the Friend Wheel sample (, another sample that demonstrates some of what you are looking for is demonstrated by the Local View sample,

That sample exhibits showing a very restricted subset of a larger graph, and how its focus can be changed by clicking on a node. However you probably don’t want to show the “whole” graph in an accompanying diagram.

I really apprecieate your effort and I have a very flexible timeline. The problem with the localview is that I could have as many as 50 nodes on the first level after the original parent node, and if so it could make it very cluttered. I will work on the concept map this weekend and show you what I come up with and if you can give some direction on the radial that you are working on then that would be fantastic. Thank you again

I’m not being pushy but has there been information on this?

We haven’t yet started again on that work. That won’t happen until after we have released the alpha version of 1.2, which I’m hoping will happen next week.

Here’s our first effort: [obsolete link]. This sample uses the same data as Friend Wheel. All of the code is in the page.

Click on a node to center it. There are parameters for controlling whether or not to draw concentric lightgray circles, how many of those circles there can be, and whether the text labels should be rotated.

This is now a regular sample: