Modify Layout in PrintPreview

I don’t know if this is even possible but my clients are requesting a print preview form which allows them to change the layout of nodes and links just for printing. In many cases there are hundreds of nodes and links in one document and they want the ability to move nodes and change the structure just for printing purposes. And they also want to be able to change the number of nodes that are visible on one page by moving things around just for printing. Does that make sense? Does any such capability exist with GoDiagram that I am unaware of? Or would it require some crazy customization?

Well, a real PrintPreview (i.e. the WinForms Control) doesn’t let you modify the document.
But you don’t need to show them a real PrintPreview. You could just display a grid that is sized to show where the page breaks would be, and they can move the nodes around as they see fit. There’s some code in the FAQ that describes how to do this. Also see
Even better might be to try to avoid having nodes cross page boundaries. See