More example classes


In response to some of the queries posted in this forum, and asked by various customers, we have implemented a few more example classes:
Basic shapes: AndShape, OrShape, HouseShape, OctagonalStar. OctagonalStar also includes a custom resize handle.
TriangleTextNode, a GoTextNode with a triangular decoration at the top-left corner.
TwoColorLink, a GoLink drawn with two colors, with the arrowhead in the middle.
RectangleWithCheckBoxEditor, an Editable GoRectangle that brings up a CheckBox that controls the color of the rectangle.
These example classes will be part of the next release, but you can get them now by downloading:
[EDIT: zip file is no longer available]


Great! If you have a test executable or a jpeg laying around that illustrates the new objects, could you possibly include that in the zip?


I had selected the RectangleWithCheckBox and then hit F2 to start editing, which created the CheckBox Control.


I have updated the example code in the ZIP file because I noticed that it was missing implementations of GoObject.ChangeValue for some of the properties defined by the classes. This meant that undo and redo wouldn’t have any effect for those properties.
You will also note how the shape classes have cached a GraphicsPath. This object also needed to be recalculated after an undo or redo.
I have also added another example class, LinearGradientRoundedRectangle. This example is already in the 2.1 kit (in the Demo1 sample, just like the other classes will be), but I have added a customized bounding handle.
Anyway, please download the latest:
[EDIT: zip file is no longer available]


Link error! ???


The classes are now part of the 2.2 kit.