More than one GoText in one GoView


I have a problem with several GoText in one GoView.
I have one GoPalette with two GoText. One shows the actual date "Date" and is not editable and the other one "Edit" is edtitable so that the user can change the text.
The user drag-and-drop one of the not editable GoText "Date" into the GoView and two of the editable GoText "Edit".
If I update the whole GoView (there is shown more than the date !), I have to distinguish between the "Date" and the "Edit". How can I do that ?
I had the case, that there is a GoText inside of a ClassDiagramNode so that the GoText.Parent helps :
private void goView1_ObjectEdited(object sender, GoSelectionEventArgs e)
{ if (e.GoObject is GoText) { GoText gt = (GoText) e.GoObject; if (gt.ParentNode is ClassDiagramNode) { if (gt.Parent is GoListGroup) { ClassDiagramNode cdnold = ClassDiagramNode) gt.ParentNode; cdnold.PhysadrID = gt.Text.Trim(); cdnold.Initialize(); } } } }
Maybe a GoText can get a identification number ?

If I understand correctly, it seems that just deriving a simple GoDateText class from GoText would solve the problem.

Yes, that’s a good idea. It would solve the problem. But I am still very interested in the question if it is possible without this “trick” to distinguish between two elements.

I don't know yet what I have I to do with Northwoods in the future !

Well, you could look at the GoText.Editable property to distinguish the two kinds of GoText object.

Yes, it works.
Thank you.