Mouse click event after touch zoom in chrome


mouse click events are not delivered in google chrome after touch zoom.
Version: 1.5.11

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I just tried the latest stable version of GoJS (1.5.12) on my Android device with both Chrome and Firefox. I tried both pinch zooming the diagram and pinch zooming the page. Afterwards, clicks and drags worked well in both browsers.

Hi walter,
I’ve created an example with kendo dojo.
The diagram does not respond to mouse clicks after pinch zooming.

Chrome version 46.0.2490.86 m
Windows 10 Home

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I have tried to reproduce your issue. I am also using Windows 10 Home + Chrome 46 on a Surface Pro 3. I can pinch zoom on both the Diagram and the page itself with no issues responding to mouse clicks afterward.

Can you give me any more information?

Hi Simon,

I’ve tested it with a Sony Vaio (Windows 8, 64x) and Acer Aspire (Windows 10, 64x) touch laptop. Both show the same behavior.

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Can you tell me exactly what you’re doing? For instance:

  1. Open page, pinch zoom on the diagram to zoom the Diagram (not the page)
  2. Tap on a Node. Here I would expect you don’t see a selection box for the node (can’t select the node)? Or is something else not possible?
  1. run example
  2. click the red butten.
  3. pinch zoom on diagram (not the page)
  4. try to select/expand/collapse/click button with the mouse. nothing happens.

Thanks, I’ll have a look and get back to you soon.

I see what you mean. Unforuntately it seems to be something inside Kendo UI that’s causing mouse events to stop being passed to the diagram.

If you try:

it will simply work (I removed Kendo from the sample).

I’m not sure this is something I can “fix” inside GoJS. Is there some way you could isolate the GoJS div from Kendo so that Kendo events don’t apply to it?

Many thans for the support. I’ll report it to Kendo.