Mouse over change the scale of node


I am looking at a feature that when I mouseover on a go.Node then the scale of the node change to 2, then mouseover leave it will be back to scale 1. The current issue that I have is, once the node is scale up to 2, the position of the node is changed, then the mouse leave event is triggered. So it will be look like the node enlarge for milseconds and back to normal size. I try to move the node to where the cursor is, but no luck. Here’s my snappet.

     mouseEnter: (event, node) => {
        node.scale = 2;
        node.moveTo(event.documentPoint.x - WIDTH, event.documentPoint.y, true);
      mouseLeave: (event, node) => {
        node.scale = 1;

If there are other ways to achieve this it would be fantastic.
Thank you.


I know the reason… So you need to trun off isOngoing layout before chaning the scale, otherwise after it changes the scale it auto update the layout for you.