Mouse wheel not working

For over two years I have been using a modified GoToolManager supporting mouse wheel zooming in my Windows Forms application without any problems. Recently two developers in my team discovered that the mouse wheel zooming doesn’t work on their machines. The mouse wheel works EVERYWHERE else (other areas of our application and all other applications), but not in GoDiagram. I sticked a breakpoint into DoMouseWheel() method and discovered that this method is never called on their machines. I haven’t made any changes to the diagram code for many months except for upgrading the GoDiagram library.
Has anyone noticed similar behavior?

But the mouse wheel does work with GoDiagram on other machines using the same version of GoDiagram?

If you remove your custom GoToolManager on those machines, does zooming work?
I don't remember any changes being made to GoToolManager or mouse wheel in any recent versions...

It seems the problem is not in GoDiagram, but somewhere in the library I’m using to mimic the dockable window behavior of Visual Studio. For some mysterious reason on some computers it redirects mouse wheel messages to the wrong window.