MouseEnter Event not firing with mouse pressed

I am using TreeModel in my application. The MouseEnter even to a node in the diagram fires when we keep the mouse released.However, it does not fire when we keep the mouse pressed and move to a node in the diagram.

Thank you very much in advance!

Yes, that’s right: when a mouse button is pressed during a mouse move, it’s a mouse drag, not a mouse enter.

You might be interested in customizing the Diagram.DraggingTool and its DragOver and ConsiderDragOver and DropOnto methods and its DropOntoEnabled and DragOverPart properties. Also read about the Part.DropOntoBehavior and IsDropOntoAccepted attached properties.

thank you very much, Walter. I set the DropOntoEnabled to true, and the dragover event will fire with the mouse pressed.The code is as following(hoping could help some other people):


<go:DraggingTool DropOntoEnabled=“True” />