MouseEnter triggered during tabbing

In the above pic, the link between 2 nodes has the mouse enter property(this highlights the path-1 rectangle, when someone hovers anywhere on the link, or when some tries to tab from node-1 to path-1).
This link has 2 children: rounded rectangle in pink(path-1), + button.

The problem is if I keep the mouse enter property on parent link, on hovering on + icon(just below path-1), the path-1 is getting highlighted. I want to prevent this, so I deleted the mouse enter from parent link and added it to path-1’s template. It solved the issue and only on hover on the path-1, it gets highlighted.

But now when I try to tab from node-1 to path-1. The path-1 is not getting highlighted. Earlier when mouse enter was present in parent link, during tab, mouse enter was getting triggered and highlighting the path-1.

Pls help.

mouseEnter function:function getValue(go, dispatch, $, shapeTemplateUtilities, resolveThemeVariable) {
return function(e, obj, prev) {

    var isSelected = obj.part.isSelected;
    var isInvalid =;
    var bgRect = obj.part.findObject('Path_Rounded_Rectangle_Shape');
    if (bgRect && !isSelected) {
        bgRect.stroke = resolveThemeVariable("--now-color_selection--primary-2");
return null;


I don’t understand what you mean by tabbing. Have you intercepted Tab keyboard events to support navigating the graph inside a Diagram?

Are you using selection and the Part.isSelected property as the way to control whether a Link is highlighted? It would probably be better not to use that. You could use the Part.isHighlighted property for that. Mouse enter and leave event handlers can then just set or clear that property, which gives you more flexibility. The sample Friend Wheel demonstrates this.

My point is that separating highlighting from mouse events will make it easier to control during tabbing/navigation.