I have a strange situation. I have the GoDiagram (Web) on a web form. The web form has 2 tabs that are handled via javascript. The godiagram object is on the 2nd tab. When the page loads, the first tab is visible, and the first tab contains some textbox controls.

When the page is first loaded, the mouse can't be used to set the focus to one of the textbox controls. What I've noticed is that any control that isn't positioned "on top" of the goDiagram object can have focus set to it with a mouse click. Anything positioned "on top" can't be clicked into. A user can tab into it, but not click into it. Positioning the godiagram off of the page, enables all of the textbox controls to be clicked.
This leads me to believe that something about the godiagram is trapping the mouse clicks.
Here's where it get's even stranger, if, after page load, I tab to the 2nd tab (with the godiagram on it) and then back to the first tab, all controls can be clicked.
Any idea what might be trapping the mouse actions immediately after a page load? I put an alert on the doMouseMove in goweb.js, and it doesn't fire unless I have the godiagram positioned on the first tab, or I tab over to the 2nd tab. So, I can't explicitly make the mouse events be trapped. I even tried commenting out the
javascript that is fired on page load, thinking that if I didn't fire this event until the 2nd tab is selected, but that didn't help.
Hopefully that ramble made sense. Ever run across anything like this before? My last hope is to position the godiagram object off of the page, until the tab is selected and then position it back to the usable location.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Just as a follow on peculiarity, I positioned the goDiagram object off of the page, set a 10 second timer to reposition it back to the proper location, I could click on all of the controls until the 10 second event fired. Once the goDiagram object moved back to the intended location, I could no longer select the controls.

Are you using MultiView to implement the Tabs? I did a quick test with BasicApp and MultiView, and I don’t see any issues.