MouseWheel zooming

I have used GO++ for many years and I am now moving everything to GoDiagram.
In my current GoView the user can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel without the need of pressing the Ctrl-button.

  • How do achieve this (I must admit that I am not (yet) so familiar with .NET programming)?


That works in GO++? wow. (Funny, I just tried it in Sanscript, and it doesn’t work. I wonder if a newer version of MFC implemented it…)

In GoDiagram, if you press the CTRL key, you’ll get zooming with the MouseWheel.

But… if you want zooming to be the default (instead of scrolling) see these notes:

Thanks Jake,
Works perfect.
About the GO++, I implemented the zooming myself since it’s not implemeted in GO++.