Movable links

OK, here’s another new sample application, demonstrating a feature that people sometimes ask for and that is more difficult to implement than it should be.
Those Visio-accustomed end users may prefer dealing with links (or “connectors”) as separate draggable objects that don’t need to be connected continuously to two ports.
This application has a custom dragging tool that makes the ports visible (as blue "x"s), highlights potential link to port connections, and actually connects or disconnects the links when the move is finished.
For consistency, this application also has a copy of the port highlighting linking tools from Demo1, so that when drawing a new link or reconnecting an existing link in the traditional way, the same port highlighting is done.
Again, comments are welcome. Indeed–it is better to provide feedback now than to wait when functionality is more stabilized and thus less likely to change.

This is exactly what I was looking for. How can I do this in my own app? I don’t see source code in your zip file.
If you prefer not to release the source code, do you have pointers on how to implement this in my app?

denismathieu: Seems to me like this demo is using a newer GoDiagram version which is toleranter to the beaviour of non-connected links. Also does it seem to be compiled with framework v.1.1.

I’m still using V1.0-framework with GoDiagram 2.1.2