Move connected walls of a room together

Hi, I am using Floorplanner example given in typescript. I am trying to move a wall of a room along with the walls connected to it.
I am able to achieve the same by setting the data property (start point and endpoint) of the connected wall to the start and endpoints of the moving wall. I am doing this on mouse move of dragging tool. But the issue is the transition is happening too fast. Even before the mouse cursor moves the connected walls start moving,
Please provide a simpler solution on how to resize the connected walls when a wall is moved.
Thanks in advance

I do not understand exactly what functionality you want to implement.

This topic’s Subject would suggest implementing a override, so that when moving one Node (such as a wall Group) the DraggingTool will automatically drag along other Nodes (such as connected walls).

But your question description implies that is not what you want, but that you want to modify some connected walls by stretching/shortening them. That too would require overriding at least one method on DraggingTool.

Could you please describe more thoroughly what you want? Please include two small screenshots showing before and after states.

Hi thanks for the reply walter.
Attaching the screenshots of my steps.
So currently the wall getting dragged moves alone and then the connected walls gets snapped when i change there start and endpoint of the connected walls using setDataProperty function.
But requirement is to resize the connected walls along with the moving wall.

What should happen when moving that wall towards the left, beyond the left wall?
Should it ignore furniture and flooring?

No I need to restrict the movement of the wall if any other object comes in between.So the right wall should not go beyond the left wall on drag.Need to rollback and cancel the drag.

We’re looking into this…