Move link along a group

We can move the link along the node but we can’t do it with a group. Do you know a way to move the link orthogonally to the group like shown in the picture below?

The code for the LinkShiftingTool, which I assume you have copied out of the Sequential Function sample, does not seem to care about whether any Nodes happen to also be Groups. So I don’t know why you would be encountering such a difference.

Do you not have any LinkShiftingTool Adornment for the selected Link? I can’t tell if you do or not. If you don’t, you need to step through the LinkShiftingTool.UpdateAdornments method to see why it isn’t showing such an Adornment with link shifting handles.

If you do have such an Adornment, and if the handles are at the proper places, and they happen to be invisible in your screenshot, but they do have a Cursor, then you need to step through the code to see why LinkShiftingTool.CanStart or LinkShiftingTool.DoActivate or LinkShiftingTool.DoReshape aren’t working properly.

The issue is that the shifting cursor doesn’t appear on a link attached to the group. DoActivate is raised only when you have the shifting cursor.

Did you step through those four methods of LinkShiftingTool? Where is it going wrong?