Move object along links


I want to move a shape along a link in order to show the progress of an element along this path. The shape can move from link to link and “jump” onto a node to the next link and follow a determinated path.
I’ve seen that I can handle that with animations on somes samples.
I have perfomance constraints in the app and animations is not recommended in the performances considerations.

What’s the best way to implement this feature taking performances into consideration ?

If you need to show animations, then you do so.

You have seen Concept Map with animation along paths, haven’t you?

Yes I have seen this sample and this is exactly what I need to do :)
I was just wondering if this is the best approch with performances considerations.
If it is for you, then I will go on the animation way.

If I remember correctly, some times ago I found a sample with two nodes and a link with a black rect that was doing the same, but I don’t find it anymore in the documentation. I don’t remember if it was using animations.

Yes, what that sample demonstrates is OK.