Move side-header to top of the each row

Hi walter,
This is Gowrishankar, I hope you remember me I’m using table layout in Gojs, need to change some modification
Move side-header to top of the each row is it feasible? if yes could you please explain how?

If the side header is in the first column, you could change it to be in the first row.

sorry i couldn’t get you actually i want to keep header for each row instead of side-header so what keyword want to use? instead of “category”, “Row Sider”

I don’t understand what you want. It helps to show a screenshot of what you want.

I want like this…i mean can i shift row-header to top?

Oh, now I see what you mean.

I don’t know how you are building the table. It might be easiest to put that row header into its own row.