Moving a single point of the GoLink

Is there any way to figure out that we are moving a single point of the orthogonal GoLink (the moment
before we will move the point) and that fact we have just finished moving it?
Maybe some event or method that I could override.
Many thanks

GoToolResizing and GoLink.DoResize. Search for those in the samples.

There is a parameter “whichHandle” among other parameters of the DoResize method.
If its value is equal or greater than GoObject.LastHandle (8192) we can get point index as
var index = whichHandle - GoObject.LastHandle
But it is for extra points. How can we get a point index if its whichHandle is 64 or another value less than 8192.
When the GoLink is orthogonal and we drag its segment (DraggableOrthogonalSegments = true) then whichHandle is greater then 1000000. Am I right that we can get a poiunt index as:
var index = whichHandle - (1000000 + GoObject.LastHandle)