Moving large No. of nodes with links connected, messes up the links position

When nodes are being moved without touching the links,
The position of the links get, messed up, (shown in image).

We are using below code to update the diagram as a whole…but links position doesnt work properly when large No. of nodes are moved by group selection…

  if (
        modelChange?.modifiedNodeData?.length ||
      modelChange.modifiedLinkData.forEach((link, index) => {
      //updating the diagram as per this condition...
    modelChange.modifiedNodeData.forEach((link, index) => {
          //updating the diagram as per this condition...

Before moving the subprocess

After moving the subprocess,
The nodes are moving properly but, links are getting messed up.

Note: same thing happens when, group of nodes are being moved at the top-level, without group…only the links gets messed up

What changes are you making in the code that you are quoting?
Is there a Binding on the Link.points property?
If so, are you setting that property to the wrong points?