Moving lines

Before I ask another question I just wish to say you have a great product backed up by great support.
If a user wishes to reposition a line they can click on it and move the arrow head end but how do they move the other end?

If you are talking about strokes (GoStroke, but not GoLink), then if the stroke is Resizable, the user should be able to move any point, including the very end points, by dragging the corresponding resize handle.
If you are talking about links (GoLink or GoLabeledLink or their subclasses), then if it is Relinkable, the resize handles at either end will be diamond shaped. This is to indicate that the user can drag either handle to reconnect the corresponding end of that link to another port (or to the same port or to none at all). The other resize handles are square, to indicate the standard GoStroke point-moving behavior.

Thanks -that works fine