Moving links with segment on a node


For now, I’m able to move segment of a link :

I’m also able to move the position of a connection between a link and a node :


That’s the behavior I want, but there is a little problem in mixing the two solutions.
If I move the segment (solution 1) with the mouse, LinkShifting class doesn’t update the connection location.

I’m now asking me how can I fix this problem. Do you have an idea ?


When your custom reshaping tool drags a segment that is next to last it should also update the Link.Route.ToSpot with a value that causes the end point of the link to line up where you want it to. And of course you should do the same when dragging the second segment (segment #1), but update the Link.Route.FromSpot. This is what the LinkShiftingTool does in the SequentialFunction sample.