Moving the copy frame with mouse location



I have a feature to be implemented for copy paste scenario.It is like there are number of nodes and links and when I select a bunch of them and Ctrl+C it should copy the selected ones and when I Ctrl+V a frame should be formed which will be sticking to my mouse location and the place I click on diagram it should paste the nodes and links.

Does GoXam has this kind of behavior ?

I have implemented the copy-paste scenario but I want to have the behavior for copy-paste as mentioned above.

Can you suggest something about this? I tried to make use of UnboundNodes but it didn’t help as I am creating diagram object programmatically in C#.


Would you mind if the paste actually added the copied Nodes and Links immediately, and that the command would automatically immediately start a DraggingTool dragging around those new nodes and links? Or something like that? Here’s an example:

  public class CustomCommandHandler : CommandHandler {
    public override void Paste() {
      if (this.Diagram.SelectedParts.Count > 0) {
        var tool = new CustomDraggingTool();
        // start and activate this special dragging tool
        this.Diagram.CurrentTool = tool;

  public class CustomDraggingTool : DraggingTool {
    private Boolean InitialMove = false;
    protected override void StandardMouseSelect() {
      // don't do the usual selection behavior;
      // just pick any selected Part as the CurrentPart
      this.CurrentPart = this.Diagram.SelectedParts.First();

    public override void DoMouseMove() {
      if (!this.Active) return;
      if (!InitialMove) {
        InitialMove = true;
        // the mouse might not be anywhere near the pasted parts
        var bounds = this.Diagram.Panel.ComputeBounds(this.Diagram.SelectedParts);
        MoveParts(this.DraggedParts, new Point(this.Diagram.LastMousePointInModel.X - (bounds.X + bounds.Width/2),
                                               this.Diagram.LastMousePointInModel.Y - (bounds.Y + bounds.Height/2)));
        this.StartPoint = this.Diagram.LastMousePointInModel;

    public override void DoMouseDown() {
      // finish tool on mouse down, not on the usual mouse up

    public override void DoCancel() {
      // this tool is invoked only by CommandHandler.Paste,
      // so we need to undo the result of the paste

Install with:

myDiagram.CommandHandler = new CustomCommandHandler();


Thanks Walter. The solution provided worked perfectly for the first copy paste of single node. But the consecutive paste doesn’t move the pasted node to the mouse position(LastMousePointInModel). Also in case of multiple nodes and links the mouse position get the left top corner of the bounds and in this case also if I paste it consecutively the locations of the elements is not consistent. Also I would like the mouse be at the center of bounds. I have changed the solution a little and its as follows:

    public override void DoMouseMove()
        if (!this.Active)
        MoveParts(this.DraggedParts, new Point(this.Diagram.LastMousePointInModel.X, this.Diagram.LastMousePointInModel.Y));

Also, I have binded CustomDraggingTool in the diagram and want to make use of the same tool rather than creating new DraggingTool every time. This change I have done and its working.



When I paste consecutively the location of the pasted elements is not consistent. Can you provide some solution to it? I used the exact same code that you provided.



Sorry, but you have the code, so you can customize it to suit your needs.


Hi Walter,

Its not about customization. My question is with the code sample you gave the paste works only when the source node is selected while pasting. If I do not select the source node the pasted elements are pasted randomly
in the diagram though the code says to move to the diagram.LastMousePointInModel. Just want to know the reason for the same