Multi-Color Backgrounds

Is it posible to have multiple colors in the background? Is it posible to display color in only a portion of the background? We have had a request for “swim lanes” (If you are familiar with process software you will know what that is. :) )

You could override JGoView.paintBackgroundDecoration.
If you want those swim lanes to be easily resized, you might want to construct them as JGoRectangles (or more likely as JGoAreas holding both a JGoRectangle and a JGoText and maybe other identifying information or decorative objects) and put them into a separate background JGoLayer in your document.
The resizing of such swim-lane rectangles is easy programmatically, of course, but you might even allow users to do that interactively, depending on what you want your application to do.

OK, the second option was my first thought and would be a more complete solution. Thanks.