Multi ple GoObject selection in Web


After looking around a bit, I could not find how to

do multiple selections of GoObjects in Web.

The objects are of different types , and if there

is a way I can do a multiple object selection ( like

with Ctrl + select or something like that ) then

what is that way.

Also in the backend code all i do is go through the

GoView.Selection for each selcted object, Right ??

Using Control-click or Shift-click ought to work just as it does in Windows Forms. Control-click will toggle the selection of the clicked object; Shift-click will add the clicked object to the GoView.Selection.
If you run the MinimalApp web app sample, do Control-click and Shift-click not work that way?
I assume you have not set GoView.MaximumSelectionCount to 1. And that the objects you are trying to select really are selectable.
For your other question, yes, the code on the server can iterate through the GoObjects that are in the GoView.Selection. But remember, as with all .NET collections, you cannot modify the collection while you are iterating over it, so you have to be careful that you do not do anything that would cause the set of selected objects to change. A common example is to (conditionally?) delete selected objects.
Instead you should just make a copy of the collection and iterate over that:
foreach (GoObject obj in goView1.Selection.CopyArray()) { . . . }
Or, if you want to delete all of the selected objects, just call GoView.DeleteSelection.