Multiple Controls in GoView

I’m writing an application that needs to return a .Net Control, so I’ve chosen to return a GoView. Now besides the view’s GoDocument I need to display a statusBar and ToolBar, so I’ve added them to the GoView.Controls but I can’t seem to place them in a way they won’t overlap the GoDocument. Is there a way to do this?
or is the only way is to create a WinForm and place the controls in it and return that? (that would be my last resort)
Thank you!

I would create a Panel and add the GoView, StatusBar/ToolStripLabel, and ToolBar/ToolStrip to it.
If you really, really need to return a GoView, you could set the GoView.TopBar to be the ToolBar and the GoView.BottomBar to be the StatusBar, but then you would lose the horizontal scroll bar that is normally the bottom bar for the view. I suppose you could combine the ToolBar and the StatusBar in one Panel as the GoView.TopBar, so that you can keep the horizontal scroll bar as the BottomBar.