Multiple Link label orientation

Hi, is there any way to rotate part of a label?

I have this:

(the label is actually a horizontal panel with 2 textblocks, one for the text and another for the arrow)

and I would like the arrowhead to point in the right direction. Can I change the orientation of just the arrowhead?

I tried the following with no luck:

diagram.linkTemplate =
    $(go.Shape), // this is the link shape 
    $(go.Panel, "Horizontal", {
        segmentOffset: new go.Point(0, -10),
      $(go.TextBlock, "NAME", {
        segmentOrientation: go.Link.OrientUpright,
      $(go.TextBlock, "►", {
        segmentOrientation: go.Link.OrientAlong

The segmentOrientation property only applies to the immediate elements of the Link (other than the main element(s), the Link.path). Hence only on the “Horizontal” Panel, not on the TextBlocks.

Then… there is no way to make only the arowhead rotate?

If you mean the TextBlock inside the Panel that is the label on the Link, no, you cannot use segmentOrientation.

We have not made Panel layout extensible, so there’s no way to do what you want in a natural way. It might be possible to override Link.computePoints to first call the super method and then update the angle of the “arrowhead” inside the link label.