Multiple Links With Different Colors Do not Overlap

I have NodeA and NodeB and there are 3 links - lets say one is color Violet, another is Red, and another is Yellow and all these links connect NodeA and NodeB. When the chart loads, i can see only the red link. Is that because of overlapping links? How can I avoid that?

That depends on the properties that are being used to route those three links. GoJS Links -- Northwoods Software

Is there any fromSpot or toSpot that you have set (or bound) either on the Link or on the Node ports?

What are the values of Link.routing and curve?

no fromSpot and toSpot. Did not set it.
routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
curve: go.Link.JumpGap, corner: 10

It’s probably the AvoidsNodes routing that is doing that. If you temporarily change it to Orthogonal, does it route more like what you would want?

I don’t think there is a good solution for that. But in version 3.0, which is currently in beta (Build Interactive Diagrams for the Web | GoJS), you could use the AvoidsLinksRouter to separate the overlapping segments.

upgraded to version 3.0. All good now.