Multiple Node Selection in Flow diagram


I am trying to implement multiple node selection in the flow diagram without clicking ctrl + mouse left key. Is it possible to do without clicking any key.? Need inputs on this.

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.

Drag selection (mouse down in background, wait a bit, then drag) will select the parts within the drawn box upon mouse up.

You could also implement some other selection behavior either in a tool or using keyboard events. What behavior do you want?

Hi Walter,
The issue is not with the dragging of the nodes into the flow diagram. Without clicking ctrl button, need to select multiple nodes which is already been included in the flow diagram.
FYI, In the image i have selected bothe the nodes by clicking Crtl+Mouse click. The same selections needs to be done without clickin Ctrl ky.

I was not talking about dragging the selection, not within a diagram and not between diagrams. That would be using the DraggingTool.

I was talking about using the DragSelectingTool. That tool is enabled in all diagrams that allow selection, unless you have specifically disabled it.

Ok walter. Thanks for your response. I will check and update you