Multiple Node Selection in OrgChart Editor

In the example of the GoJs sample Org Chart Editor, I can select only one node at a time. Is it possible for multiple selection? If yes, please let me know what I need to add.

You don’t need to add anything – just remove the setting of Diagram.maxSelectionCount, which in that sample is set to 1.

I haven’t tried it, but it’s possible that some other code in the sample depends on there being at most one selected Part at a time.

Thanks, I have comment out the maxSelectionCount and able to select multiple nodes but with command or ctrl button. Do we have any option to select multiple nodes just on click without pressing command or ctrl button?

There’s the DragSelectingTool’s behavior, which is standard.

If you want something different, you could customize the ClickSelectingTool.

It really depends on what you want to do.