MultiTextNode with custom ports

By default, a MultiTextNode has one left and right port per item added.
In my case, I would like to have the standard four ports (top, bottom,
left, right). I know how to remove the side ports, but I have a bit of
a hard time adding the left and right port.

Does anybody have a sample of how to add centered left and right ports for a GoMultiTextNode sub class?


Bennie Haelen

Does anybody have any ideas on this? anything I have tried so far failed. Thanks again,


If you don’t need the functionality that GoMultiTextNode offers (namely managing those extra ports on the sides), then I would construct my own class inheriting from GoNode that contained a GoListGroup and four GoPorts.
Look at the definition of PinNode in Demo1 for example of how to do this. Of course you probably won’t need the override of Paint…

Another possibility, if you don’t really need four separate ports and can use just a single port, is to use a GoBoxNode where the Body is an instance of a GoListGroup. I think Demo1 has an example of this too.