Navigate to url on ObjectDoubleClick event

I am trying to navigate to a new url when a user double clicks on an object in the GoView web. I am unable to navigate to the url though and it instead reposts to the same url that I am on. (Looks like some kind of error is posted for a split second in the GoView diagram before it trys to repost. '? missing page GoWebImage.axd) I have hooked up the onobjectdoubleclicked event and in that event I am calling

The same code is working correctly when called from any other link or button on the aspx page.

There isn’t any page request response to redirect if that code is being invoked via a NoPost GoView handling a single-click or double-click. Does it work if GoView.NoPost is false?

An alternative is not to have the server handle the double-click at all, but handle it on the client/browser. GoWebIntro.doc discusses this. Look for the “NodeClicked” example JavaScript function.

A real usage will probably need to customize the URL information that is sent to browser for each node that is visible. The following sections of GoWebIntro.doc discuss how to customize the information that is sent. You will probably just need to override the GetPartInfo method.

Setting the GoView.NoPost to false worked!