Need to build a Theater seating diagram


Would GoDiagram be a good choice for creating seating diagrams of theaters?
We’re working on a windows based ticket sales application. We’d like to create charts for the various theaters. There’d have to be both drawing tools so the users could create the diagrams as well as the ability to use the diagrams as interactive interfaces to be used to select seats.
Is GoDiagram a suitable choice for something like this? If not, any suggestions for other tools to look into?

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GoDiagram can certainly handle these kinds of applications. It is easy to support labelling of seats and coloring them by category, and of course user selection of seats.
However, it would take some work to create an application that would be custom designed for building theater seating plans. I would think you would want to automate the construction of rows of seats, automatically labelled, according to some curved path, and repeated in blocks.


You might want to try: (17.9 KB)

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