Need to create two indicators on a slider scale


Our analysts need a slider type scale that shows a shift(8 hrs). they need a control that can allow them to show two indicators to show a period within a shift. A start indicator and a end indicator. See picture below. I lookeed at the SlderMeter examble in the INstrument Demo. The meter seems to have access to only one indicator. How could I program this? We have version 2.3 of go diagram. We are in the process of acquring updates.
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That’s right – by default a Meter has only a single Indicator.

But you can use the MultipleIndicatorMeter if you want more than one.
You'll need to override LayoutChildren to size/position your IndicatorSliders the way you want. I think you might want each of your IndicatorSliders to have the same Bounds as the Scale. But it would also be reasonable to have one IndicatorSlider taking up the part of the scale above the line, and the other IndicatorSlider the part below the line. The latter design has the advantage that the indicators won't overlap.
Caution: I haven't actually tried this.