Need to display the links of action nodes

Hi sir,

I need to display the children links of the node or action .When action node is displaying. How to do it? Pls tell ?
Initially in the diagram only start button and one down arrow link will display. When we click the down link it need to display the action or condition node along with we need display the children links only .Pls help. Any real time example for complex flow charts.

What do you mean by “display”?

If you want to highlight some existing links or nodes, please read GoJS Highlighting -- Northwoods Software

Thanks for the reply walter. Any sample example how to find the link from ,to,fromPort,toPort.?? How to use the findLinksByExample,findLinksConnected and findchildrenlinks ??. There is method to find the key values from findNodeForKey like this any other easy method to find the links in diagram. Please tell sir.

If you search for samples that make use of those methods, you will find some example usage.

What is it that you are trying to do? It would really help if you provided small screenshots or sketches of what you want at each step.

Have you read GoJS SubTrees -- Northwoods Software ?

Normally when a Node is not visible all connected Links are also not visible. If you want a Link to remain visible even though one or both connected Nodes are not seen, you should not set Node.visible to false but instead set Node.opacity to zero.