Negative padding or margin


Is there any way to give negative padding or margin to link or nodes ?

Yes. Could please be more specific and descriptive about what you want?

i want to remove this gap between the node and arrow.

How is the node defined?

Node is defined like this -

  { shadowVisible: true },
  $(go.Shape, "RoundedRectangle", {
    width: 66,
    height: 36,
    margin: 4,
    stroke: "#ccc",
    strokeWidth: 1
    $(go.Shape, {
      margin: new go.Margin(14, 8, 12, 12),
      scale: 1.2,
      geometry: flag_geometry,
      stroke: null,
      fill: "#54A585"
    $(go.TextBlock, { text: "Start", margin: new go.Margin(18, 0, 14, 0) })

Have you accidentally set fromShortLength or toShortLength in your Link template? It would give this effect.

This Node does not look like it alone would cause the problem, unless flag_geometry is very odd.

Found the problem , The Margins defined to place the text and geometry in center were actually creating the problem. Thanks a lot for your time.