Neither diagram is plotted nor giving any error for large input data

Initially my diagram is drawn with one set of data
Later User can add/remove multiple different sets of data in it.
Each time user add/remove some set of data
we modify this.diagramNodeData and this.diagramLinkData to apply new sets of nodes and links.
Each Time when we are setting these, I am calling startAvoiding

Ah, OK, that sounds reasonable.

Hi Walter,
Even after applying this some links are breaking.

And when I was debugging I observed that the routing of the improper link is already set to AvoidNodes, then while debugging manually I changed the routing to Orthogonal for that link and after that again shifted to AvoidNodes
This Time link was properly Plotted.
Is there any way to handle that using “DelayLinkRoutingCurve” Class you provided?

Are you saying that some Links have routing === go.Link.AvoidsNodes even before DelayLinkRoutingCurve.startAvoiding is called? That shouldn’t be the case – change your template(s).

Once DelayLinkRoutingCurve.startAvoiding is completed, after that routing === go.Link.AvoidsNodes, but some links are not plotted as per AvoidsNodes Routing.
After that I have checked routing for one of disturbed link it was showing AvoidsNodes
So I shifted it to Orthogonal and with a 2 sec delay again assigned to AvoidsNodes, and this time it was looking good.