Nested Set Model

Are there any plans to support Nested Set tree models?
That would save me a lot of time and beside i’m not so firm with javascript.
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Instead of using a TreeModel, use a GraphLinksModel. But rather than using links, use groups.

So instead of setting the “parent” property on each (non-root) node data object, set the “group” property. And set “isGroup” to true on each. Customize their appearance by setting the Diagram.groupTemplate.

The problem is not the layout.
I need left and right values within model.
Ie. to get the sorting of the nodes and to rearrange them later.

Sorry, I thought you wanted a diagram like the sample.

No, we do not have any samples that demonstrate that tree algorithm.

Can you implement it, Walter?
I would pay for it. Its quite important.

I’m unlikely to have time in the near future. There are places on the web where you could contract out that work, if you can define the work precisely enough.

Can i contract here in your forum?
I think thats a good place to start.
Best regards,
A. Münch

If someone contacts you, of course you can work out whatever arrangements you like on your own.