.net 2.0

Is there any .net 2.0 versions planned,
noticed some of your competitors have already released their .net 2.0 versions. In Particular AddFlow.Net.
We are starting a very large project and need to make a decision on this asap so any rough dates for a .net 2.0 release will help me greatly. Btw the GoDiagram tool looks like the most complete tool out of 4 different tools I am evaluating. It would be a great shame if the product is not moving forward?

Ok, i’m not walter (who normally answeres all questions). But because he seems to be on vacation or so, i am going to give a short replay: GoDiagram 2.5 supports .net 2.0 and is in beta state. I think it wont last long until it is released.

Also, we have always made available 2.4 releases compiled for .NET 2.0 to anyone who requested it.

We currently use
I just started our first product with VS2005 and seems to be working. Do I need to buy an upgrade to 2.4 to get VS2005/.NET2.0 compatibility?

Hey, if it works, why bother?
But more recent versions have bug fixes and new features that you might want to consider.