.NET Core 3 Support


Not exactly a support question, and forgive me if there is a better channel for this.

Is Northwoods Software planning to support .NET Core 3/WPF applications with GoXam?

Yes, we had GoXam compiled and running on Preview 2 back in February and have started porting it again now that 3.0 has been released. Just have some issues to work out.

Are you interested in trying it out?

Thats great to hear!

I have pushed almost all components of our product into .NET Core and will be pushing our WPF UI over too as soon as the remaining two nuget dependenies we have support it (GoXam being one of them).

We’re not in any rush to do it but we would benefit in a huge way from a fully self contained app which is our main goal with .NET Core.

I look forward to your release and indeed would be open to giving it a go if you have a beta available at any stage.

UPDATED: See GoXam v3.0 beta and .NET Core 3.0

Just wanted to check in and let you know thats its working great!

Dropped in the dll after our migration and everthing worked as expected.

Im about to licence this now for our application, however we run the GoXam code in a dll deperate to our application exe. Is the licence manager expecting the executing assembly (the dll) or the entry assembly (the exe) name?

It’s almost always the name of the EXE.