Netbeans Navigator Panel


My app is built on top of netbeans. I’am trying to render the view in the navigator panel which is present in my canvas.

Also it should implement Pan operation.Is this possible to achieve the same?If so,can you tell me some pointers?


I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with netbeans, so I can’t help you there.
Typically, panning is done in JGo using scroll bars. However, if you want to implement a panning operation where you use the mouse to grab and pull the diagram, you’d need to define a new mouse state for the JGoView and override doMouseDown, doMouseMove, and doMouseUp. A mouse move after a mouse down would change the cursor and call JGoView.setViewPosition.

You'll need to figure out if you want this to be a separate mode (i.e. the user can't select or draw a new link) or modeless (i.e. disable rubber-band selection but allow other mouse behaviors to work).