New Document position problem

Hey guys, i’m still using the flowcharter example and have a neat problem. Nothings actually broke this is just kind of annoying. Whats happening is that when you open a new document with one open the new document appears right below the previous documents title bar and just to the right of the previous documetns left edge, standard windows placement, works too well, if you close both documents and open a thrid it didnt appear where the orig document appeared, it continued the pattern of moving down and right even with no documents open. I managed to get this to realize there were no open documents and reset to the origion(top left corner). i had hoped that this would reset whatever was controling the location of new documents, but i was wrong as usual, and any new document(as long as one occupies the origin point) contiunes the pattern, so the next document could be several movements down from the only other one open, forming a nice gap between the titlebars of the document windows. which doesnt look espically good. the only solution i’ve found, which didnt work very well, was to manually figure out where each window was and thereby determine where the next should go, but it didnt seem to help much(always thought something was at the origin point), i was hoping there were just a couple of values some place that determined where the next could go and that i could reset them when the last document was closed or at somepoint. i thought i saw them somewhere, but i cant remember where and havnt been able to find them.

Any help would be appreciated.


I assume you realize that this issue doesn’t involve GoDiagram at all.
I haven’t tried it, but you could call Form.LayoutMdi just after opening a window whenever it is the first open one.

yeah i know this was most likely a windows problem, but i swore i saw someplace in one of your examples where you had some code or values to fix a similar issue…i was probably mistaken…

thanks anyway