New Forum Package?

We’re starting to look for some new forum software. Amoung our requirements:

  • easy to paste formatted code from Visual Studio into message, retaining formatting (in particular, color)
  • easy to paste images into message
  • good search capabilities, both simple and advanced (boolean)
  • good control over membership
  • easy & powerful management
  • ASP.NET is preferred
Any additional requirements?

Any suggestions for what to use?

Community Server forums are pretty good.
CS also includes blogs etc which would be a good idea. A lot of development companies now have blogs from their main developers.

CS is a great forum etc. but I think it is overkill. Actually I think the forum is great just as it is. Its simple and id dos the job.
Whenever I have a problem its verry likley that I find a solution here in the forum, its simple and easy.

If you are looking for a great .net forum I can recomment Source code is also avalible, so mods are possible.

Any movements on the new forum software.
It would be nice to have a forum with RSS feeds for the forums.

Jake has been working on moving our business to a new web server and improving the automation of our business, so we have postponed making any changes to forum software.

We’ve updated to a new version of WebWiz forums.

Benefits of the new version include:
  • RSS Support
  • better performance
  • improved searching
  • support for cookie-phobics