New in 4.1: BPMN figures

We’ve been working on a Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) sample, and the first part of that work to show up is the icons used in the standard. We’ve added them as predefined GoDrawing figures.

Here’s another view of the work in progress:

If you are interested in building a BPMN application using the GoDiagram controls, please contact us about the availability of the sample code you see here.

Hi, I’d like to try the BPMN sample of version 4.1 here. It’s include in the 4.1 install package ?



No, sorry.

So where can I download the sample BPMN application/sample code?


You can’t right now. It isn’t really finished, and we haven’t decided whether this one would be included in the kit, or something we sell separately.

Is the bpmn example available for download?If yes, can we have the download link?

Hi Jake, I would like to see this example, because my company is just interested in create a BPMN component.
We are finishing our example using GoDiagram to create BPMN component, but I have some questions yet.

There needs to be more work done before I’d be comfortable releasing it. But… since there does seem to be a fair amount of demand, I’ll more it back to the top of my work list.