Newbie Question - GoSimpleNode

I’m using a GoSimpleNode, which only has one port. I would like to have the ellipse shape, node , but with four ports located in the middle of all sides of the node. Would also like the same 4 port layout with GoSubGraph Nodes.
Any help in pointing me in the right direction of coding the above solution will be highly appreciated
Thank you

It would be easiest to use a GoTextNode then, instead of a GoSimpleNode. You can set the GoTextNode.Background object (which need not even be a GoShape), or perhaps better you can override GoTextNode.CreateBackground.
Adding ports to a GoSubGraph is a bit of work; I suggest you use the MultiPortSubGraph example class of the SubGraphApp sample. That example class has a lot more functionality than you need, but it’s easier to strip out code than it is to add code.